At Little Friends, our activities are based on different aspects of Maria Montessori’s teaching methods (click on images to enlarge):

- Practical Life,



- Sensorial,



- Mathematics,



- Language,



and Cultural activities: Visual Arts, Music, and Cooking are also part of our activities, 


We offer a rich and varied education that allows the children to awaken their curiosity and open their minds to the world around us. 

Throughout the school year, we study different themes. The majority of these projects are then followed by a visit.

Some past examples are:

- The discovery of a country.

- The study of the life cycle of an animal. (frog, butterfly, ladybird ...)

- The origins of bread making with a visit to a bakery.

- The world of bees with a visit to the school from a bee keeper and a visit to an apiary, honey recipes.

- Autumn fruit with a visit to the vineyards and the grape harvest, making grape juice

- The biography and work of an artist such as a painter or a composer, with visits to exhibitions, and doing art projects in class in the same style as the artist.


- Sports activities,

During the first and the third periods, we organise gymnastic sessions at Sous-moulin, on Tuesday afternoon.
In winter, we do ice-skating.

In spring, we propose circus sessions in Thônex with professionals who supervise 4 workshops (trampoline, trapeze...).

Others sports activities like pony initiation can also be proposed.

- Some major events organized during the school year:

- The Christmas Party - The children prepare a show and a snack for their parents.
- The Easter Egg Hunt which is held in the school grounds.
- The Sports Day which is held in the Sports Centre “Sous Moulin”. This fun day unites parents and children in activities such as relay races, obstacle courses and ball games. The sports day finishes with a Canadian style buffet supplied by the Little Friend’s staff and the pupils parents. It is a great fun day and everyone is a winner.
- A Garden party is organized in the school garden the last Friday of the school year.

The school project and the rules of procedure can be sent on request.

" No teacher can stop us now! We are so clever at writing and reading! "

Quotation from a little girl in the classrooom which could have been read in a Maria Montessorri book !

A magic moment among many others that we live in a Montessorri school !

Thank you children...